library not found for -lPods

Open “your_project_name.workspace” file instead of “your_project_name.xcodeProj” file.

You Opening wrong file. “your_project_name.xcodeProj” file not contains pod install.
So open “your_project_name.workspace” file..

our app uses background location services but does not clarify the purpose of its use in the location modal alert as required in the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference. Next Steps Please revise the NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription value in the Info.plist to specify the intended purpose of using the user’s location while the app is in the background. Resources For additional information and instructions on configuring and presenting an alert, see the Requesting Permission section of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and the Information Property List Key Reference.

ANS : you need to clarify Apple why you use location service
“NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription” and “NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription”

add this in info.plist in above Description :
Your location may be shown on the map and is used to provide things such as directions and nearby search results..