>>>>> Chapter – 1<<<<<

>>>> A Simple Project Create to Display Label as Output.

> STEP-1 : Create Your Xcode Project By Selecting Second Option As shown in above image.


> STEP-2 : Select Single View Application Option and press NEXT.


> STEP-3 : Fill > Product Name >Your Product Name,
Organization Name > Your Company Name,
Organization Identifier:Your App Identifier.


> STEP-4 : Fill Detail And press NEXT.


> STEP-5 : Select Destination and Press CREATE.

> STEP-6 : Application Details You See,As Shown above.

> STEP-7 : Main StoryBoard.

STEP-8 : ViewController.h 

 > STEP-9 : ViewController.m

> STEP-10 : Select Label From Bottom Right Menu.

> STEP-11 : Now hold Left Click & Drag Label to the Main StoryBoard.

STEP-12 : Now Change Label Name.  

                                               > STEP-13 : Change as Shown Above.

> STEP-14 :  Your Final Main StoryBoard Appear Like as Above.

>>>> Here Your Coding is Completed To Display A Simple Label Application.

>>>> Run the project and you find output as shown below :

 >>>>>Here is the Completion of Chapter-1<<<<<

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